Acknowledgment To God Ugatame

Thank God Ugatame, for Your love and Your blessings are always be in my life, so that in the month of June and July, I can be a tremendous blessing.

In the course of my schooling from Primary School to College, I never got help from others for tuition money in most quantities. But, on this day, Tuesday 2 July 2013, at 12:23 Jogja time, I received a blessing for money tuition and cost half the field study, which is sent from Mama Ietje (Maria N.) in Netherlands.

I previously did not know and had never met with Mama Ietje (Maria), I only know through by via FB, and I and Mama Ietje share information about the Melanesian always. Then in the back I can promise from Mama Ietje to want to help my college tuition. At first I was thinking, how I could be sent ? but a few weeks later, I got the information from her (Mama Ietje) that sent shipping code number via Western Union Bank. After that I went to take delivery of the checks, but the of Western Union Bank said that you must take care of Indonesian population card and after you will have it, coming taken receiving.

Then for two weeks in the month of June, I take care of temporary resident card to receive remittances. During my studying in college I never could “Money Special Autonomy gave of Indonesia Government To Papuan” is devoted to children orphaned.

But, Now, I am very grateful to Mama Mary (Ietje) in the Netherlands, help me the tuition money this semester. My pray for Mama Ietje and her family in the Netherlands can be bless by God Ugatame. Evidence blanko receipt, please click here: Receipt Bank Western Union in Yogyakarta.


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