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Demi Nawipa (3 years Old)

Demi Nawipa (3 years Old)

My first name is Demi Nawipa, but when I want to elementary school, my teacher change my name become Demianus Nawipa.

I was born on December 19 th 1986 year in Kopabaida (Paniai/Wadou), the time was Sunday at 11.00 pm, after worship in Chruch (Imanuel). My dad is Thomas Nawipa and my Mother is Besina Kobepa, but my mother death, after three month she born me. She death from Ekauwiya (my familys talked to me usually).

Then, after my mother death, I gave taken by Debora Gobai become stepmother me, she gave me because, the money for my Dad marryed buy from her.

I very thankfull to Lord and my Mothers they are Debora Gobai and Besina Kobepa, because by them I am be now. My Dad was job Priest/Pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Chruch in West New Guinea (KINGMI Now) .

My father death on 1996 from Okonobaida (Eka Valley), he is poor economic, but his service to Lord and his mission for Bible to many tribes they are moni, damal, dauwa was very famous when he lived (from 1975 to 1989), and after he came back from moni area to paniai (Agadide) he ever service to many chruch of Gospel Taberncle (KINGMI). My Dad never married, after my mother death, in since he serviced the Bible mission to since he death. The became support in  my study is, pt.hapinpapua, grangesture, and Ietje Nahumury From Assen of Ducth, than Tinaw and Kk Noakh.

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