My Dad’s Biography

Missionaries Of Ducth New Guinea History In Paniai

Missionaries Of Ducth New Guinea History In Paniai

My father is name Thomas Nawipa. He born in Bamoma, since 1932. He babtisted by priest of the missionary and alliance (C&MA), in enagotadi since 1940. His name gave of his teacher (Missionary Of C&MA) when he babtisted by his priest. After he babtist, he follow to missionary and he live with them. He ever study bible school in Enagotadi and Paniabagata with his friends. He ever story with me that, he ever follow spitboard by missionaries from enagotadi to kebo and to komopa, and then he ever follow Mr.Bernard to Hitadipa by airplane from kebo.

After he study bible school, he and many missionary of C&MA traveling to hitadipa-homeyo. My father ever story to me that on 1955 together with many priest of missionaries name are : Tuan Srotman, Tuan Bernard, Tuan Bluard, John Cart and Tuan Deibler and his friends the others departed to moni regions. After they arrived in hitadipa, my father become a priest there, and he continuous serphans the bible to moni and Ndauwa regions. My father very fluently moni and dani languages, so than he became translator and guide for missionaries to moni regions. He serphans the bible to moni peoples begun since 1956 until 1988, he forget about the marrying for him, because he focus to the follow missionaries.

My father and his friends become priest, the a family are : Stepanus Nawipa, Simon Nawipa, Thomas Nawipa. They ever serphans to moni peoples, so than they fluently moni languages, Pdt. Simon Nawipa, serphans the bible to Turmo Bado (koyoni regions). My father is poor economic and poor man, but his serphans to the God very seriously and focus in his lifes. He ever assist to Mr. Karel Gobai also, when he visit to moni and Nduga peoples regions since 1969.

My father merried on 1988 from kopabaida-paniai with Besina Kobepa. My mother from degeuwo (Yumauwo), after three month, she born me, she death on 1988 from ekauwiya-Paniai. My step mother is name Debora Gobai and her child Makdalena Nawipa, and than her husband is name Naftali Degeipouga became my step father. My father death on 27 May 1997 from Okonobaida, when my father pass away, I am in elementary school fourth class.

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