My Journey On The Earth For Learn Geology Papua

 Logo Geotour SuratHow is known about  geology and its branch of the sciences  ?

Learn for geology is no easy, because its have many branch of the sciences know by geology students, like that geohistory, geology structure, stratigraphy, paleontology, oceanography, geohidrology, petrology, mineralogy and christalography, Metalic minerals, geology environment, geophisic, geochemistry, sedimentology, vulcanology and geology papua etc. Every geoscientist have commited a principle that is “ The Present Is The Key To The Past “ by this principle, they used when they conservation and investigate to the regions on the earth.

I became a student of geology is plan from God of papuan…!

I glory to God, because He is focus of the universe and everythings. By His plan, I became geologist and have geology diploma graduated from university of papua.  I had study geology engineering  diploma, I never understand that what I did about geology. But on 26 september 2012, I became a student of geology  in Jananadharma IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta. I’m studying my bechelor of geology now.  I Sure that, this way is cell from God, than delegated for serphand to anothers in future.

I follow a dream the showed from God to me…..!

This way is performance of God my journey on the earth for learn geology seriously. I have a dream

since  elementary school in my village paniai  like that “makituma learn maki (geology) for papuan in future”.  But, I have many weakness for pay fees in my study further more also. I came from wadou paniai, my mother was dead after three month she born me since 1987. My father was a poor economic, but He was a priest of Gospel Tabernacle Chruch, he dead since 1997. My father no merryed from my mother dead until he dead.  I am orphan now, but I have not worry in my study pay fees from senior high school until now.  God is my power in the lifes on the earth, His help me every all very succes in my journey.

I need friendly to everyone, but anothers doing discrimination practice….!

I never live alone in the lifes, I very  glad and love to every friends since I live with them in my village agadide. I very friendly with every one  without discrimination in west papua new guinea, but I and my friends are feeling just now that discrimination of indonesian government in west papua new guinea. Papuan never discriminate to anothers in the culture from generation to generation. But  result of discrimination practice of indonesia government by papua province government, every students of elementary school until every students of college never helped us for pay fees seriously, especially every students came from poor economic our farents.

I wish that papuan need human resouces in future the built self by many sciences, especially to geology engineering, aviation, mining engineering, farmacy, computer engineering, industrial engineering, etc. But, papua province government and every regency of papua have not pay especially to engineering students as regeneration in future. I self never feel money from special authonomy gave of indonesia government to west papua new guinea indigenous peoples and students. When will I  can special autonomy’s money from indonesia government by papua province government and its regencyes……?

I need friendly network  for future…..!

Friendly is very important for found a netwok to future generation from now, I glad to west papua new guinea youth and students for found a unit and a purpose for self determination. I mean that especially to geology engineering students, mining engineering students and others engineering students must commitment for found a network, and we must learn seriously. If we have not commited as engineering friendly, we will have not succes for future generations. After we will commitment its, we will arrange many programe for aplications future. This is a part of a dream by Papuan like that : This is message by Jan Van Eechoud, Soekarno and Pdt. I.S. Kijne For Papuan Nation. Please see here:  My Heritage in PNG .

Notes :

I and my friends need your support…..!

“Write about our journey is  for future generations”

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