No have Word End For Study

(Mr.NHWEFS, From Plebeian)
Mr.NHWEFS : You Knew that, the principel by scientist is “ no have word end for study or no have day without study “ until found out new sciences by observation, investigation, analogy, and basic of rational.
They never do that everything is able for could, but they did fight until should can result of their dreams. This is awesome the occurred since they live for modern generations.
Than Mr. NHWEFS wish to you that follow me and you do me also, if you have many dreams like the scientist. He tell to you also that seeing, thinking, and doing to the huge field or to the anothers.
Seeing (reading), thinking (developing), and doing (writing) this ways that basic for investation your sciences and knowledge to the priority, before you will doing others, Mr.NHWEFS sayed.
He hope to you also, that you must beginning and doing from you felt the examples activity. If you did its, you will have able to doing most big activity in future.
He could a example to a philosopher like that Mr. Thales (6th Century, BM) from Miletus at Middle East, he tell that : the material vital on the earth is “Water” so he conclusion that every lifes the orizon from “water” this is his argument from his village at asia minor, (see to : Book about, History Of West Philosofhy, by : bertand Russel, page 31 – 37).
You had read and knew about the power by western philosophy, when you were reading to as Mr.Thales’s argument (his high imagination) above that he came from his village and they tell that he is a philosopher from his plebeian.
So that, Mr. NHWEFS tell you that, Mr.Thales from a village also, he is same as you. You come from a village also. Than a son of man the born from village belong a natural alone, as Thales did. You must your philosophy words, as a power the appear in your brainy, this is your power. You have many philosophy word like that “ Dou, Gai, Ekowai “ your have write by English language above.
Please….you must practicing now, by using your power above in every days in your daily activity. You make schedule times and you must follow your schedule times about every daily activity. You must doing now, do not you delay a moment or tomorrow or later, please …. You must doing it now, this time. “ Ora’et Labora “ (Muta etuwayake Ekowai).
*** Hope of Mr. NHWEFS To His Friends ***


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