My Villages Have Beauty Valley


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Ekadide valley located near the mouth of the lake Paniai the eastern, it’s position is west mountains Glasberg. These valleys are ekadide Paniai district of West Papua. At the time when I learned little from elementary school in the village ekadide weak. That’s where my place beautiful natural scenery, I’ve spent the night in the woods to find kus-kus with friends during a full moon.

That’s where my district and my king of the beautiful and picturesque. The names of the villages that I was not going to forget like that, Digiyato, Nakuago, Obaipugaida, yatubago, bokapige, waigei, and towata.

Behind the mountain I have ever participated view when picking fruit picking season with those old men. There we never spend the night 5 days 5 nights, where it’s called, Yigiugito (a fruit center of view), that’s the place beneath the foothills of the mountains northwest glesberg section.


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