Paniai Valley Have Three Big Rivers Flow Of Eastern

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Paniai bee has three major rivers flowing from the east. head of water from the mountains of Glasberg Papua. The third stream passes through the eastern part of the three valleys Paniai, namely : ekadide valley, weyadide valley, and agadide valley. The was third river is named, eka river, aga river and weya river.

All three rivers that empty into the mouth of the lake next Paniai timur. The learn geomorphology of the three rivers categories of “river old category” (see the picture). Most of the lake water was sourced from third rivers of Paniai.

When I Primary School, in my hometown flooded and then we use the boat to look for food in the garden. All peoples my village existing garden near the river flow inundated by water flood. My village is located near of ekadide valley.


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