The Basic Of Geologist tour to the field

In general, the students of geology and geologists can study outline as follows:

  1. Geological Dynamics
  2. Economic Geology
  3. Geological Environment
  4. Geological History

Based on an overview of the science of geology then main task a geologist is as follows:

  1. Able to create a map of the track, geology, geomorphology, and able to make the stratigraphy column.
  2. Able to control one branch of geology that in the interest and able to apply.
  3. Able to master the use of geological compass and GPS
Alat alat geologi

Tools Of Geology Survey

To obtain geological data in the field, then the geologists and geology students have to traverse on foot in the field in accordance with the prescribed trajectory maps. The students of geology and geologists can not be separated from the adventurous, it is necessary to force a strong and healthy to go into the field well, the road following the river, lunge, hill or mountain outcrops.

Papua is a mountainous island stretching from east to west, the geologists who will visit there more preparation needs to be prepared, in order to survive and get the appropriate data and not manipulative. But do not forgot communicate with indigenous communities there, if not, then definitely there will be a natural disturbance and problems arise that can not be solved by anyone, for example look to Freeport Indonesia in Tembagapura.


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