Tour In Waiyamo Mount Of Paniai

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Waiyamo mount is position of eastern paniai lake, it is form a cape between ekadide valley and agadide valley. This mount entreched from egeida mountain (Cartenz) to north west of it. Surface of waiyamo mount formed and its tratigraphy by sedimentary rock (sand stone) and endosfered arranged by lime stone of new guinea. In surface of that mount closed with vegetation, that many trees species, anggrec, rattan and many pandus species others.

Bunauwo Lake and Agadide

Bunauwo Lake and Agadide

A panorama very special of waiyamo mountain furrow is in part of cafe real on surface with shine of white sand formation (quartz) and metasediment, than it place indigenous peoples say that “ugida (white sand).” In facetern of ugida (white sand) formed a hill, it is name duwanita hill and gakodagi, they were form in near of bunauwo (lake black) . Bunauwo (lake black) is a small lake of paniai lake, and it’s positon of easthern paniai lake, and it is near of ugida (white sand) cape. In the waiyai mountai furrow are many endemic flora and fauna of papua, and in the black lake are many fishes, like that; gold fish, lele, gurami and many shrimps species.


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